All Computer Science Enginnering tutorials at one place

What we provide

Video tutorial

We provide video tutorial for all Computer science engineering courses. We mostly focus on Programming language.

Source Code

You will get complete source code of whatever I teach on my YouTube Channel, So that You can use it for your better understanding. 

Useful Projects

You will get some useful projects on whatever you study here, So that you will have some practical knowledge and projects to show your work.

Our popular courses

JavaScript in One Video

In this video You will get the complete knowledge of JavaScript to get started with JavaScript. So It’s worth watching.

MYSQL in One Video

In this video you will learn about MYSQL database. After this video You will have good knowledge of MYSQL. So It’s worth watching.

PHP in One Video

In this video You will learn about PHP except OOP Part. After this video You will have good knowledge of PHP. So It’s worth watching.

Hemant Kumar Meena
(CSE, NIT Jaipur)

From Director's Desk

 I am here to provide you a best online platform for computer science engineering. So that everyone can get what he want to learn at one place. This is the beginning but sure One day I will   make it on the top.

 Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities.  They vary in their desires to reach their potential                                                                         – John Maxwell